Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do Soile products contain Parabens or Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulphate?

A: None of Soile products contain any of these.  Soile is made of 100% natural ingredients with certified organic ingredients where possible.

Q. Can I get any adverse skin reaction if all the ingredients are natural or organics?

A: Yes, natural or organics does not mean ‘allergy-free’.  Seemingly harmless ingredients can cause a reaction.  If you are prone to allergies, you should pay careful attention to what they use on their skin.  If you try a new product whether they are natural / organics or not and develop a reaction please stop the usage immediately.  If you suddenly develop a reaction and have not started any new products, it is a good idea to start eliminating them one at a time for a short period of time.  If the reaction still persists or is getting worse, it is advisable to see your doctor.

Q. Why should I choose certified organics products?

A: Certified organics products only use the ingredients that have met the strictest standards and regulation.  Certified organics products are free from harmful and toxic elements which can be damaging to your body.  The certification also ensures that none of the prohibited ingredients are included in the formulation.

Q. Can I try your products first?

A: Yes! Most of our products are available for samples.  We do charge the shipping fee to send them out to you.  Simply get in touch at

Q. Can I pay for my order using a voucher / promotional code?

A: Yes. You can pay for the price or discount price using our gift voucher or promotional code. The Shipping and Handling fee attached to each order cannot be covered by a gift voucher or promotional code and must be paid via one of the accepted payment methods. 
Please note that some vouchers and promotional codes may attract a minimum spend that excludes the cost of Shipping and Handling.  Online voucher or gift card is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.  Expired gift cards are not redeemable and the amounts cannot be refunded or credited once expired.Lost or stolen voucher cannot be replaced and should be treated as cash.  The voucher is valid for 3 (three) year from the date of issue.

Q. Can I cancel my order?

A: You can cancel the order for a full refund providing that the order has not been dispatched.  Please notify us as soon as you change your mind and we will try our best to accommodate this.  In the case that you notify us too late and the order has been dispatched, you can return the order with full refund however you need to be responsible for the return postage.

Q. What if I’m entitled to a refund?

A. Once we have approved your refund, we will endeavour to issue you with your refund the next business day. Once your refund has been processed, please allow 2 – 3 business days for the funds to reach your account via original payment method. You will receive a notification of refund receipt via email details you provided.If you return an item paid for by a combination of a credit card / bank transfer / PayPal and a voucher, you will be refunded according to the initial payment value made from each.  For full terms and conditions please see our Shipping & Returns page.